Tennessee Seadek Marine Products – SC Wake Fabricators

Tennessee Seadek Marine Products – SC Wake Fabricators

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Whether you live near Nashville, Knoxville, Gatlinburg, or Chattanooga, there are plenty of lakes for all of your boating adventures. Our range of SeaDek products enhance any boat with their non-skid, comfortable, and durable design. Every boat should be fully equipped with SeaDek Coaming Bolster Pads and SeaDek Helm Station Pads for optimum comfort. The SeaDek Coaming Bolster Pads are designed for comfort, durability and ease of installation with our peel and stick application. Unlike old vinyl bolsters, SeaDek bolsters provide nonskid traction and do not tear or absorb water. Our SeaDek Helm Station Pads are designed with micro-dot embossing to absorb impacts while maintaining durability and safety. Like the SeaDek Coaming Bolster Pads, the SeaDek Helm Station Pads are easy to apply with the 3MTM pressure sensitive adhesive. They can also be customized with text, logos, or graphics, setting your boat apart from the others. For custom shaped areas, the SeaDek Sheet Material is ideal – just cut it with a sharp razor and fit it to any location. The Sheet Material is made from the same soft, durable, nonskid, and non-absorbent EVA foam as the SeaDek Coaming Bolster Pads and the SeaDek Helm Station Pads. It is also backed with 3MTM pressure sensitive adhesive for easy peel-and-stick application, making it perfect for your DIY projects! All of our SeaDek padding products come in a variety of colors for your boat.

For our customers that are interested in recreational boating activities, check out Old Hickory Lake near Nashville; Norris Lake, Cherokee Lake or Tellico Lake near Knoxville; and Chickamauga Lake near Chattanooga. The open waters and gorgeous scenery at these lakes offer great opportunities for boating or swimming. Our SeaDek Swim Platform Pads are a favorite product amongst our customers because of they are comfortable and durable traction pads with a finished look and feel. They do not absorb water and are easily applied with the 3MTM pressure sensitive peel and stick adhesive. Aftermarket swim platform pads are available for most major boat manufacturers, as well as template kits to accommodate platforms from other boat manufacturers. The Swim Platform Pads can be customized in a variety of colors or with custom logos, text or graphics to keep your boat looking sharp!

If you prefer a more leisurely adventure, Cheatham Lake near Nashville; Melton Hill Lake or Watts Bar Lake near Knoxville; or Kelly Cove near Chattanooga offer a more peaceful setting that is perfect for kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding or swimming. The SC Wake SeaDek Fabrication Team has developed kayak and stand-up paddleboard pads to enhance kayaks and paddleboards with a non-skid surface. Our SeaDek Kayak Non-Skid Pads increase traction surface and decrease fatigue brought on by prolonged standing on bare kayak surfaces. Available in customizable colors, the kayak pads also have noise reducing qualities, allowing you to seamlessly glide through the water. Similarly, our SeaDek Stand-up Paddleboard Pads consist of 6-8 non-skid, lightweight segments that are easy to apply with our 3MTM pressure sensitive adhesive for simple peel and stick application. Like most of our other products, the stand-up paddleboard pads are available in a wide variety of colors. We also offer SeaDek Paddle Grips made from the same lightweight, comfortable foam with 3MTM pressure sensitive adhesive for easy peel and stick application.

While any of our products would work great for the fishing enthusiast, especially the SeaDek Coaming Bolster Pad Set and the SeaDek Helm Station Pads, our SeaDek Fish Rulers and Ultrabright Underwater Marine LED Lights will definitely come in handy when hauling in your catch of the day from Percy Priest Lake or Center Hill Lake near Nashville; Douglas Lake near Gatlinburg; Fort Loudon Lake near Knoxville; or Parksville (Ocoee) Lake near Chattanooga. Our SeaDek Fish Rulers are 36” long and can be easily attached anywhere on your boat with our 3MTM pressure sensitive adhesive. They also have a non-skid pattern for both wet and dry traction. Allowing you to attract and see fish after dark, our Ultrabright Underwater Marine LED Lights incorporate robust engineering, artful design, unmatched craftsmanship and extreme performance in 3 inch, 4 inch or 6 inch sizes. Our SeaDek Fish Rulers and Ultrabright Underwater Marine LED Lights are essential additions to any fishing vessel!

Don’t forget to browse our other SC Wake products to outfit your boat with the latest accessories.  Our Wet Sounds amplifiers and speakers produce a full range of crisp sound in and around the boat and wake surfing area to keep the party going no matter what!

The 2016 Boat Show season guarantees to be a busy and exciting time for the SC Wake SeaDek Fabrication Team as we help customers outfit their boats and vessels with top notch SeaDek products and accessories. Do not miss your opportunity to speak with our SC Wake representatives and to see our products in person at the upcoming Knoxville Boat Show from March 10 – March 13 in Knoxville, TN. We can’t wait to see you there![/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]